To Oversea Makers and Vendors


If you are looking for sales & marketing partner in Japan for CATV / TV Distribution products,
here is what we can do for you;
1. Sales and Distribution in Japan
We have sales accounts with nation wide CATV operators.

2. Local Maintenance in Japan
We have R&D resource and test equipments from Audio to 3.2GHz BS/CS-IF,
such as Network Analyzer, MSG, Spectrum Analyzer, etc.

3. Export Supplier from Japan
Contact (English and Japanese):
Maruei System Co.,Ltd
Mr.Shigeo Araki
Corporate Profile:
- Company Name: Maruei System Co.,Ltd.
- Established: March, 2010
- Capital: 41.0 million yen (as of November, 2018)
- President: Mr.Shigeo Araki
- Certification: ISO14001
- Head Office:
  Maruei Bldg.WEST 4F-5F, 2-1-4 Haginaka, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0047, Japan
 TEL. 03-6423-2870 FAX. 03-6423-2875
Our Business:
Since originally founded in 1963, we manufacture and sell unique electronic equipments that meets the needs in the times.
We started development and manufacture of communications equipment, network management and control equipment for CATV Head-End since 1999.
We develop and manufacture customized products tailored to customer's requirement, and also import and provide maintenance for overseas products.